Winter Sun Studio
- Nature-inspired furniture & art by Tennessee artist Andrew Nigh -


Andrew in the mountains he loves. ~Background

Andrew Nigh has been crafting fine wood furniture from his Tennessee studio since 2001. His work is largely founded on the styles associated with the arts and crafts movement of the early 20th century. Carefully balancing the fusion of form and function, Andrew�s pieces transcend many of those original stereotypes to achieve an harmonious synergy of natural beauty and usability.�

His work is timeless yet focused; meant to be felt with the eyes and seen with the hands.

~Design Statement

"My energy to create derives largely from my fondness of the natural and infinitely complex world.  As I spend time on the trail, on the river, or under the stars, I can grasp more freely the relatively simple concepts of furniture design and construction.  In art, as in life, to appreciate the whole, one must first learn to appreciate a part.  As I examine the natural world around me I see beautiful paradoxes that translate directly to my approach as a designer.  Simplicity amongst the complex, tension within flow, solidarity teamed with movement."

"When approaching a new work I start with a mental image what I would like to see in reality and work backward to find the beginning. I view each piece as an opportunity to build on prior experience while remaining open to new ideas. This approach lends more freedom to express unique and original concepts in wood.  The end goal is not to achieve mechanized perfection but a flowing, natural work of beauty that expresses the totality of my being."